Youth Leaders in Civic Engagement
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The project is part of the mechanisms of cooperation to resolve the conflict in communication with the Palestinian youth and raise their abilities in the areas of alternative solutions and peaceful conflict resolution, and works with them to raise their abilities in solving problems facing them and their peers in the community,and to develop plans and solutions of these problems in a real partnership Among youth and community and community institutions.  

The project works by developing the capacities of youth / participants and supporting them to plan and implement community activities that increase their service to the civil society in which they live. In addition, the project will establish a conflict resolution unit at each of the targeted youth centers which depend to the alternative unit in Ta'awon  to ensure continuity of cooperation and partnership between youth and youth institutions and on the other hand between them and Ta'awon. 

Through this project, Ta'awon aims to strengthen its partnership with the targeted youth centers in order to ensure the continuity of the project results and ensure future joint work. Ta'awon contacts these youth centers to provide number of young volunteers of men and women who sees in them the ability to change in their communities,and high commitment to time and the requirements of participation in development projects. how ever that must be 25 young participant form each center. 

Ta'awon will establish conflict units in each youth center to transfer experience and partnership agreements to ensure the continuity of units and their ability to operate in the future.

The project aim is to reach the youth to increase their ability and civil participation in their community. The project activities are linked to each other and to the general goal of emphasizing civil and community participation through the following methodology:

  1. Note problems and community issues.
  2. Analysis and critical thinking.
  3. Provide proposed solutions.
  4. Negotiating and discussing solutions.
  5. Implement interventions that ensure the active participation of youth and women in their civil society.

Project goals:

  1. Building the capacity of youth men and women in conflict resolution and active participation in civil society.
  2. Supporting youth participation in the implementation of specific activities on various civil society issues.
  3. Building youth leadership capacities in planning, analyzing and implementing activities, as well as their ability to lead peer training and workshops.
  4. Building conflict resolution unit with the membership of youth participant involved in the project in each of the targeted youth centers.
  5. Raise the abilities of the youth who participate in different skills that help them to maintain jobs and raise their competitiveness.