Implementing Social Accountability tools in 26 communities
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The objective of the mission that Ta'awon is implementing:

Implement social accountability tools in (26) village councils,with a view to establish community participation and accountability mechanisms in the targeted areas.

More specifically, it aims to provide village councils with learning and practical training in implementation of participatory mechanisms by assisting the 26 village councils to implement social accountability tools.  In addition providing them with mechanisms to improve the participation of vulnerable groups such as women, youth and special needs.

These tools were selected based on the training that was held for members and staff of village councils on social accountability, specifically after the work groups agreed that these tools were appropriate for them.

The tools to be used are fixed:

  1. Citizen Charter.
  2. Hearing sessions.

Target Areas for Implementing the Citizen Charter Tool:

  1. Hossan.
  2. Joura Shamaa.
  3. Al-Masara.
  4. Walaja.
  5. Khorsa.
  6. Marda.
  7. Al-reyheye.
  8. Burqa / Nablus.
  9. ijnesinya.
  10. Flamyah.
  11. Karawat Bani Zaid.

Target areas for implementing hearing session Tool:

  1. Artas.
  2. Gaba.
  3. Ain Sinaia.
  4. Fandokawmeyeh.
  5. Sanor.
  6. Bait wazan.
  7. Iraq Burin.
  8. Al-Naqoura.
  9. Zawta.
  10. Qaryut.
  11. Majdal Bani Fadel.
  12. Beit Iba.
  13. Kafr Lakhef.
  14. Khirbet Abu Falah.
  15. Qira.