Palestinian Women in Conflict Prevention and Peace building
clock : 1/9/2019 – 30/10/2020
clock : Representative of Finland

The project Aim: 

project aims to empower women champions to lead interventions and advocacy that ultimately increase their participation in national efforts for peace and security. It does that through building the capacities of women leaders in most conflict affected vulnerable communities in conflict analysis, prevention, and resolution.  


Targeted Areas: 

  • East Jerusalem: Hizma and Shu'fat
  • Hebron: Yatta and Hebron old city H2


Program Activities: 

  • Introducing the project to the targeted communities and local CBOs in 4 workshops one in each targeted locality.
  •  Singing MOUs with (8) local CBOs to facilitate the implementation of the project activities and the creation of Women-Led Conflict Prevention Units-WLCPUs.
  •  Conduct raising awareness activities (workshop in each locality in addition to using social media posts) to introduce the targeted localities to the concepts of conflict resolution and peace-building and pave the way for the implementation of the project with the support of the community.
  •   Forming steering committee through the formation of women and youth groups in the targeted localities.
  •    Conduct capacity building activities for the women in the localities targeting 10 women in each locality. 
  •  The capacity building shall cover conflict analysis, resolution, and prevention with focus on mediation, and they will be presented in interactive manners like LARP, case studies stemmed from real local conflicts, movie showings and lively discussions…etc.
  •   Creating (4) Women Led Conflict Prevention Units-WLCPUs with (7) women involved in each unit to be chosen from the trained women in the capacity building activities. The units’ purpose is to conduct studies about conflicts and their types and causes in the local communities, raise the public’s awareness about the conflicts in the communities and about women’s role in conflict prevention and resolution, as well as intervene in resolving the issues facing women in their communities using conflict transformation and resolution mainly depending on mediation.  
  •  The WLCPUs with support from the steering committee, and Taawon conduct a study in the targeted localities to research the main conflicts facing women from the women’s perspective, and diagnose the roots and causes of the conflicts. The study will be led and conducted by the units with support from Taawon’s conflict resolution experts and Alternative Conflict Resolution Unit. 
  •   The WLCPUs lead the dissemination of the study results through direct raising awareness workshops (4 in the localities) and through social media posts and using online platforms. The awareness activities will also cover the importance of women action participation in peace and security efforts on local and national level, starting with conflict prevention and resolution.
  •   The WLCPUs lead interventions to resolve local conflicts facing women and youth. The units will carry interventions in mediation, negotiation, dialogue, and advocacy according to the nature of the conflicts themselves.
  •    Documenting the project’s experience in a recommendations paper and advocating for the consideration of the recommendations by decision-makers and national organizations. 
  •   Forming a consortium of women champions from the Women Led Conflict Prevention Units and the project’s steering committee to lead advocacy on national level with decision-makers and women movements. 
  •   The WLCPUs with the support of the women and youth groups conduct (8) accountability sessions and open dialogues with decision-makers and women movements to present the recommendations and encourage more women participation in localizing the implementation of national plans for the fulfillment of international women peace and security resolutions.