Shabab Live -Giving youth a voice through the media
clock : 1/9/2019 – 30/10/2020
clock : Deutche welle

Project Location: 

West Bank and East Jerusalem, and vulnerable and underprivileged communities from Jenin, Qalqilia, Tulkarem, Hebron, and East Jerusalem.

Target Group Characteristics: 

  • Young people F / M.
  • Ages between 23- 30.
  • They have a passion for media work, and community issues.
  • Previous experiences in community media.
  • Skills of communication and dialogue.
  • Educated, aware and aware of community issues. 


Youth Involvement: 

  •  Youth will be involved in consultations about the targeted communities,
  • Youth from those targeted communities will be engaged in the neighboring activities to collect their priorities and shed light on their needs.
  • Youth will be involved in all project aspects from planning, to delivery, to maintaining the sustainability of project’s purpose.


Project short term Aim: 

Creating a digital media platform (Nofeedo), and raising the capacities of youth in creating and managing media content.

Project long term Aim: 

Reorienting youth media discourse to respond to important and necessary community issues using modern technologies.