A step towards change

Posted on: November 18, 2008

It became clear that the absence of proper mental preparation and mobilization on most of the Palestinian youth, which made them brainstormers are barely aware of their sound path towards tomorrow, their future is unclear and vague. Who is responsible, it may take us so much time, perhaps,because of the multiplicity of actors involved. But the most important step in my view is how we can build a strong structure for Palestinian youth, male and female, and rearrange its priorities.

Many young Palestinians today are aware of their reality and are able to identify their needs accurately and clearly, contrary to what some might think, and they are able to plan well and properly and identify priorities and deal with the developments and have a lot of creative initiatives and successful to get out of the situation experienced by palestinian youth, but they may lack some support, both material and moral, to translate these ideas and initiatives into reality.

Here we should not lose sight of the political divisions that the country witnessed in the recent period and the factional and partisan disagreements that have certainly affected the youth both in their way of thinking and in their behavior, to the extent that it can be said that a relatively small proportion of these young people may not be aware of the dimensions and consequences What they do or say, and that they are interested in embodying their sectarian affiliation, and does not mean in this way to know what is right and what is right for the benefit of the Palestinian youth.

I believe that if we continue to hold the occupation and others responsible and do not seek to rebuild and develop and develop our youth, the situation will remain as it is if not worse than it is today. The desicion makers and youth should realize that.