The implications of understanding the conflict on my work

Published:  05 May 2008

Understanding the conflict and analyzing its components is a vital issue for me and my business. During the design of the project, the specific circle of the conflict departments in which the project and activities are carried out can be assigned. It is even possible to understand that the target group in the project belongs to a  particular circle of conflict. This also means that intervention in the conflict (the activities of a particular project) is effective and when it is ineffective. For example, in order to change or build peace between two parties it is futile to design mediation activities or to try if the parties are at a stage of harmony and rapprochement. Or negotiate after the curve of the relationship between the parties jumps from the line of conflict to the surface. It is also useful to think that when the apparent conflict fades, it is worthwhile to think about promoting peace-supporting trends as well as to design projects such as lobbying for a legal and other structure to stabilize the parties' commitment to peace.

On the personal side, I am concerned with the issues of intervention to resolve the natural conflicts that arise in the "peace" society. The understanding of the elements and the circles of conflict also helps the good performance of those who want to reform. The right person to prevent conflicts in his natural relations with his brothers and neighbors and others naturally, He is conscious of the fact that he raises issues that will influence listeners and help extinguish any heat that will "destroy the seeds of conflict." He is constantly working for his small community, in which he usually lives in harmonious relations. When any conflict seed or any of its nature is provoked a strong conflict, it must realize that the effort must be focused on preventing the conflict from jumping to the surface. Secret underground communications can keep the conflict in a controlled circle. If all these fail Efforts and action by one party to raise the level of conflict to the surface and become the control needs a greater efforts then must be thought immediately involving the forces of greater and more must begin to contact these forces immediately, and here the race with the time factor to prevent the conflict from turning to violence.

This group, which must be led by the contact person, begins to prevent others from tampering, provoking the parties and transferring the conflict to a higher level rather than lowering its level. Even if the conflict develops to a degree of violence, it is necessary to contact those capable of stopping violence, such as the security services, in an attempt to prevent a rise in violence. I think that violence is not the end of conflict resolution as it is out of control, but we must remember that violence is the most recent of which is death, "murder," and even annihilation, the degrees of annihilation are less than the annihilation of two and so on.