Non-partisan scientific reading of the student elections

Published: 18 April 2008

What is happening in the universities of Birzeit and Hebron needs a scientific analysis based on mind, logic and nature of things away from the state of polarization. And the issuance of random sentences is lack of  reasonable and acceptable evidence and the continuous filling along the 24 hours non-stop on the Palestinian Street. 

The superiority of Fateh movement in Birzeit is offset by the superiority of Hamas movement in Hebron and their access to the highest percentages shows that the two major Movements are still the top in the Palestinian street and West Bank and Gaza Strip. And thus invalidate the arguments of many writers and journalists who say that the decline for popularity of one of them for the benefit of another party as a result of the events in Gaza, and this indicates that the Palestinian people live in an advanced state of awareness of what is around and  it is difficult to manipulate pepople through  journalists writing or media of any wave they were.

The rise of Fateh's votes in Birzeit and its decline in Hebron and the decline of  Hamas voices in Birzeit and its rise in Hebron is a normal and controversial situation that follows the strength and activity of the movement here and there and the political stage it is going through.

The elections and their results are taking place in a part of the homeland, the West Bank, which is living under special circumstances, as a result of what happened in  Gaza Strip. What happened in Gaza is not scientifically reasonable, it is not reflected on the West Bank either positively or negatively. Which is exposed in the West Bank by the occupation and by the Palestinian Authority reverse the roots of the movement in the West Bank through the results, and the Fateh movement says that the results represent a victory and the people's diversion to the option of negotiation.