"Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution Launches Campaign “For The Sake of Our Homeland

Palestine, Occupied Territories - Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution has launched its “We are All for our Homeland” campaign, in support of the Palestinian Government’s orientation to combat the corona virus pandemic and alleviate the economic and social impact of this pandemic.


This campaign came in line with the appeal of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh,on the importance of social integration between three sectors; the governmental, non-governmental, and private sectors, in order to support the Palestinian society to overcome this epidemic.

Mr. Muhammad Khalayleh, Chairman of Ta’awon’s board of directors, stated that, this campaign was initiated in response to Ta’awon’s social responsibility as a national organization aiming to serve the Palestinian community in social and economic spheres, in order to enhance the role of local community organizations and achieve the principle of social solidarity.

Khalayleh confirmed that the campaign in its first phase will include distributing medical supplies to emergency committees, security systems and local councils in over twenty sites in the Palestinian villages. In addition, dedicated media platform “Qadaya” – Arabic for “issues/cases”–was launched followed by a series of awareness-raising films and leaflets on a wide range of topics, including health education, social education, civic education, identity, human rights ,and renunciation of violence, in addition to the release of a series of economic and social position papers during the corona virus pandemic. Khalayleh asserted Ta’awon’s determination to employ its entire capacity in the fight against the pandemic, calling on all local community organizations to take on their roles in combating the crisis.


“We work according to the principle of Do No Harm.”

Ta’awon continues implementing “For the Sake of our Homeland" campaign to help combat the repercussions of the Corona virus Pandemic.


Hani Ismirat, director of the Alternative Means Unit at Ta’awon, stated that the medical supplies and humanitarian assistance provided by the organization is based on actual statistical data about the recipients, while paying due consideration to maintaining their privacy and dignity  in accordance with the principle of "Do No Harm."


True Partnerships

Ismirat also highlighted that true partnerships are what should be apparent in times of crisis, confirming that our citizens and institutions have provided a role model in terms of solidarity, mutual support, and cooperation during the ongoing crisis, exceeding by far that existent in Arab and foreign countries. Ismirat noted that the online platform created by Ta’awon broadcasts awareness-raising programs on corona virus; preventative methods and confrontation while keeping high spirits, Ta’awon offers its expertise in the field of conflict resolution during crisis, especially in marginalized areas, that have low odds of receiving assistance from governmental and non-governmental institutions or even the private sector.

Support and Assistance Program

Ismirat stated that Ta’awon has a humanitarian relief program for communities that are most in need during the holy month of Ramadan, which will begin in a few days, noting that confidentiality will be closely respected in order to ensure that recipients’ privacy, pride, and dignity are not compromised. He also urged local media to be supportive for destitute people and respect their privacy instead of exposing them, adding that relief aid constitute a duty that should be fulfilled by every institution and by every wealthy citizen, It is not a gift; it’s actually a national, ethical, religious, and humanitarian obligation."

Exploitation of Pain

“We will never follow the practice of exploitation of people’s pain.” Ismirat emphasized. “We are here to support and serve our co-citizens. This is a crucial part of Ta’awon’s core identity, including its board of directors’ and employees’. We hope that our nation will get through this crisis with minimal loss, and we reaffirm our commitment to the support of our communities all across the governorates and we will not hesitate to provide assistance and advice to any individual or party during this crisis and any evolving conflicts. We are confident of our people’s ability to overcome these obstacles with great strength, patience, and wisdom.”

It’s worth mentioning that Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution is an independent and not-for-profit Palestinian organization, established in 2002, and has over 18 years of experience in managing and implementing over 50 different projects. It cooperates closely with a wide-range of institutions, aiming to mitigate the negative impact of conflict by promoting social justice, civil peace, human rights, tolerance, civic participation, and peaceful settlement of conflicts.

Ta’awon targets Palestinian youth in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem. It integrates ethical, moral and philosophical in sights within the process of creating peaceful social change and focuses on integrating concepts of mediation, conflict resolution, and peaceful education in youth life style. Through its work, Ta’awon has developed distinctive relationships with multiple universities, youth organizations, and civil society organizations within and outside Palestine.