Enhancing Citizen Participation and Contribution to Local Government-ECP
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 Main Objective :

Promote social accountability within the Palestinian community and increase citizen participation to improve services provided by responsible local governments.

Target groups :

Municipalities and youth councils.
local community.

Target Areas:

First: The central area (Ramallah / East Jerusalem).
Second: Southern Region (Bethlehem and Hebron).

Main Activities :

  1. Forming social accountability committees in the targeted areas.
  2. Capacity building of community committees through Implement citizen report card. 
  3. Formation of annual work plans.

The desired results: 

  1. Effective and active social accountability committees to practice and apply social accountability within the target areas (27 accountability committees).
  2. Apply Citizen Report Card and Hearing sessions in targeted areas and thus develop services provided by local governments.
  3. Implementing advocacy campaigns in the targeted areas by the formed CSOs Action plans submitted by the social accountability committees to identify the activities they will undertake after the completion of the project.