Partners For Social Accountability
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The idea of ​​the program is to empower Palestinian civil society and promote sustainable community mechanisms from social accountability  to local governments in providing services (education, health, infrastructure) to ensure effective citizen participation in decision-making for services, By building the capacity of participants from grassroots institutions in 10 targeted areas of the northern, central and southern West Bank to apply and exercise these tools.

The overall objective of the program is to enable Palestinian civil society to exercise social accountability for local governments in the delivery of public services.


  • Strengthen local and leadership capacities to improve public services provided.
  • Promote an enabling environment and support action at the national level to improve social accountability in which citizen feedback is used to solve problems in service delivery.
  • Institutionalizing social accountability mechanisms in the work of local government units.
  • Strengthen civil engagement with local governments on service delivery issues.
  • Raise citizens' awareness of their rights and responsibilities within the framework of social accountability. 

Program Outcomes:

  • Social committees formed and launched in 10 sites in the West Bank.
  • A study report to be developed and disseminated in the target areas.
  • 30 hours of training given to 30 representatives of grassroots institutions and 15 hours of training to be given to about 300 community committee members.
  • Citizen report cards are developed in 10 locations to gather views and hold a public hearing at each location.
  • 10 advocacy campaigns designed and implemented by community committees.
  • 20 policy discussion meetings to be held between community representatives and local and national service providers.
  • Dissemination of a working paper on social accountability.
  • Implementing a media awareness campaign and a national awareness campaign on social accountability.
  • Forming a coalition for social accountability  of at least 40 civil society organizations.
  • Formulation of a position paper for CSOs on social accountability.
  • A final conference  held in the presence of at least 150 people.