The National Coalition for Community Accountability carries out a security and safety campaign
The National Coalition for Community Accountability carries out a security and safety campaign

In order to strengthen the culture of community accountability and to continue to work with the outputs of the Partners for Social Accountability Program implemented by Taawon for Conflict Resolution, the National Coalition implemented its first activities on the ground. It initiated the safety and security campaign in  cooperation with the Red Crescent, Municipalities, Civil Defense, Ministry of Works, In the governorates of Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron.

The Campaign aims to alleviating the expected danger in winter by cleaning the drains and open the water channels, this campaign highlighted the importance of volunteer initiatives and cooperation between the different civil and official institutions to serve the society. 

Suhad Kasbari, a member of the National Coalition presented the methodology of the coalition's work based on studies and partnership with the official bodies, in cooperation and benefiting from the capacities of grassroots institutions and members of the coalition in implementing the safety and security campaign as well as the future strategy of the coalition.

"The need for such initiatives and the mobilization of resources to serve the local community is very urgent," Mayor Ahmed Salhoub said.

"The culture of safety is a culture of society and we believe in partnership. The size of the work is great and in partnership, the work is done in the best way," said Colonel Malek Abu Alia, director of civil defense in Nablus.

"The spirit of cooperation and these humanitarian values ​​embodied in the field lead to positive results as long as the goal is to serve the nation," said Salah Ribai, director of public works in Hebron.

The National Coalition was established in mid-2018, and the coalition held its first elections in which 58 members representing civil and grassroots organizations were elected and the first secretary of the coalition was held. It held a workshop to design the first community campaign to be launched by the coalition based on the studies and accountability sessions held with the beneficiaries.

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