Completion of social accountability tools in 26 local councils from different governorates of the West Bank
Completion of social accountability tools in 26 local councils from different governorates of the West Bank

LGSIP, in cooperation with the Local Government Reform Program (GIZ-LGRP), concluded a series of workshops on social accountability and its tools, especially hearing sessions,and Citizen Charter tool in 26 local councils from various West Bank governorates. This was done with the participation of the heads and members of local bodies in the target locations, as well as the local community and representatives of grassroots and youth institutions.

These workshops dealt with practical application of social accountability tools where hearing sessions were held in 15 village councils that brought together decision-makers and community. These workshops between the representatives of the village council and the local community enabled them to know the satisfaction of the citizens in the target areas with their services by asking direct questions to decision makers about these services and how to improve them and in turn provided answers and solutions during these sessions.

In the same context, the Citizen Charter was launched in 11 other village councils through an official ceremony of all local bodies ,Taawon and the local community. During the ceremony, the citizens' charter was launched in the targeted village councils, On the other hand they agreed about certain services upon by their respective regions. 

The implementation of these social accountability tools is an essential step in supporting communication and joint action between the community, local authorities and jurisdictions. This aims to increase citizen participation in local planning and decision-making processes. It also opens the way to develop  the relationship between local authorities and citizens and the joint cooperation to disseminate the concepts of social accountability and its tools.

LGSIP is a national program implemented by the Ministry of Local Government and the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, funded by a number of donors. The program aims to respond to the financial and institutional challenges facing village councils in Palestine.