(Road Safety and Security in Nablus (Azmot,Salem,Deir al-Hatab
(Road Safety and Security in Nablus (Azmot,Salem,Deir al-Hatab

 Through the National Social Accountability Coalition within Partners for social accountability program, Taawon implemented the road safety and security campaign in Salem,Azmot, and,Deir al-Hatab with participation of the civil defense, the Red Crescent, public works and the three village councils and young volunteers. This campaign aims to clean up the drainage, and water  channels before winter in order to reduce and control the dangers resulting from flooding. 

 The Director of Civil Defense in Nablus, Colonel Malik Alia pointed out the importance of this joint work which develops the national relations and emphasizes its continuity and serving the community as a whole at the lowest costs, which leads to real tangible results and this is what we need at the moment. 

The Deputy of the Council of the village of Azmout Mr. Murad Amer said that through this campaign the closed water channels were opened and cleaned from dirt especially the ones that are near to village school which is a barrier to the students and threaten their lives. Finally he assured on the importance of this joint work which we can accomplish anything.   


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Road Safety and Security in Nablus(Azmot,Salem,Deir al-Hatab)