Ta’awon for conflict resolution holds a specialized training course For establishing an early warning and response system for violent conflicts
Ta’awon for conflict resolution holds a specialized training course For establishing an early warning and response system for violent conflicts

Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution held a specialized training course in the field of warning system and early response to violent conflicts, by online zoom application, from July 12th to September 14th, 2020. Noting that the training comes within the activities of the project "Towards transforming conflict within Palestinian societies" Implemented by Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution and funded by the Olof Palme International Center.
The training was led by Mr. Khaled Salim, an international expert in the field of early warning, conflict prevention and transformation, and with the active participation of the executive staff and the Board of directors of the Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution institute. 
This training aimed to empower the staff and board of directors of Taawon Foundation for Conflict Resolution in the mechanisms of building warning systems and early response to violent conflicts. The training topics included the concept and stages of the warning system and early response to conflicts, the difference between the four generations of the system, mechanisms for building variables and indicators of Palestinian conflicts, mechanisms for collecting and analyzing data, quantitatively and qualitatively, also the training included a review of a number of case studies in the field of warning and early response to violent conflicts.
the international expert stressed on the importance of the efforts of Ta’awon Institution for Conflict Resolution in building this system, as a first and pioneering experience in Palestine, for identifying and measuring the most important violent conflicts facing the Palestinian society and developing direct and structural measures and interventions that prevent the emergence, escalation or spread of violent conflicts, and draw attention Decision makers for the most important indicators and measures that can contribute to protecting and strengthening the Palestinian civil peace system.
Mr. Mohamed Khalayleh, Chairman of Ta’awon for Conflict Resolution, affirmed that the Ta’awon continues to mobilize all efforts to establish this important and necessary system, which comes in light of an approach adopted by the Foundation to monitor, prevent, and transform conflicts to protect and promote sustainable civil peace. Also he expressed his appreciation and thanks to the international expert, the executive staff and the board of directors for this work, which represents a precedent and a necessity, and contributes to build official and civil interventions, based on evidence. 
Worth noting that one of the most important recommendations of the training workshop is the necessity to invest in partnership and cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations to establish a steering committee for the system, that the committee to be composed of a team of relevant institutions and actors, such as the Palestinian Police, the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Women's Affairs, the Supreme Judicial Council,  Aman, The Civil Coalition for Civil Peace, and the Independent Commission for Human Rights. In addition to developing and designing a strategic communication plan around conflict indicators, especially structural ones, to ensure spread the public awareness, to ensure support for key stakeholders, and to avoid overlapping with the initiatives of other actors in this field.
It is expected that the Ta’awon Foundation for Conflict Resolution will issue a baseline study report aimed at examining the capacities of Palestinian civil society organizations (associations and bodies) in the field of resolving, managing, preventing, or / and transferring conflicts in Palestine in the first week of next month, as well as an initial report before the end of the year, as a trial phase before circulating the system.